Monday, December 14, 2015

Rainy day thoughts

I love rainy days. They're the perfect excuse to stay indoors with a good book, sit in front of a warm fire and have a nice cup of hot tea. So if you're looking for a break, to reset and re-balance, appreciate those rainy days.

Of course, you can take this thought a little deeper. Consider the element of water, for instance. In feng shui, it can represent money or emotions. So if this element is out of balance in your home, it could represent a challenge to your finances or a block in your emotions.

Water is also one of the best elements to help you overcome challenges. A great aspect of water is its ability to overcome any obstacle. Just think about how it flows -- around and over anything in its path. Connecting with this element then, allows you to take on its properties, getting past whatever obstacles are in your way.

In general, better understanding the aspects of this element (and any of the elements) can help you to use it on your behalf. Here are just a few of aspects to consider:

On a physical level, when we shower, we know the water cleans our bodies. On a mental level, you can similarly use water to "cleanse" your mind by helping you release thoughts and ideas that no longer serve you -- imagine each drop rolling off and taking with it an old thought. On a spiritual level, water can help you go deeper into a belief to identify whether it is supporting you or holding you back. For example, if you have ingrained within you the belief that money is bad because it leads to power and power corrupts, this wouldn't support a goal you have toward greater financial abundance and you can begin to change that belief.

Also, did you know that because of its molecular make-up, water effortlessly clings to itself and other molecules? On a more metaphysical level then, when we wash ourselves, the water can cling to old ideas/beliefs/habits and as long as we are willing to release them, take them away. So, before you take your next shower or bath, identify one habit or thought that you're trying to release. Set the intention of releasing it while in the shower. Then, as you feel the water hitting your head, imagine every drop chipping away at the thought and taking pieces of it away. Actually visualize this idea being taking apart bit by bit until there's nothing left. Then take a moment to feel what that feels like. Hold on to that feeling as long as you can.

Sure, you may think that thought again shortly after, but if you make a practice of it "washing it away" every time you shower, you will find it easier to let go of that thought, belief, or habit over time.

So yep, water. It's a great element we can use to find more balance. Like I said, I love rainy days.

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