Sunday, December 13, 2015

A flicker of focus

One of the things that I find helps me to stay balanced is to find a way to focus -- it could be just to focus on someone, an idea or more often than not, nothing. I have many thoughts, ideas, scenarios, worries, concerns, fears, hopes, dreams going through my head at any one time. Maybe your'e the same :). Sometimes I just want it to stop. Focusing on nothing seems to be the best way for me to get all that mental activity (the monkey mind) to, if not stop, at least slow down.

I've learned a lot of ways that help me do it, and one that I think is really simple and available to anyone and everyone is to light a candle.

When you watch a single flame, it's like looking at something so peaceful, and primitive. The way it tends to gently move, even flicker, the various shades of color, the constant reaching upward toward something more, something unseen.

It can truly take us away, away from our thoughts, and allow us, even for a moment, to let go.

Give it a try. See how it feels. Who knows, maybe you'll make it a regular practice.

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