Saturday, December 30, 2023

 Preparing for 2024 - Year of the Dragon 

Are you ready for 2024? I'm planning big change on many levels and if any year is the year to do it, it's this year. Not only are we about to start a New Year, an ideal time to start something new, releasing the old and starting fresh; we're about to enter the Year of the Dragon, the Wood Dragon to be exact, kicking off the Chinese Lunar Year on February 10th.

In Chinese Astrology, there are 12 animals marking the energy of each year. We're about to leave the Water Rabbit year, considered a gentle year of receptivity (reinforced further by the strong yin Water element).

In contrast, Dragon energy is powerful and disruptive. It can mean big ideas and big change. The element Wood represents growth and expansion -- think of branches extending in multiple directions and roots going deep into the earth for strength during strong winds. All that said, this can be a phenomenal year for abundance and success. 

I've been thinking about what to do to prepare for the days ahead, wanting to make the most of the energy and create as smooth a ride as possible for 2024. Here are three things I recommend you do in the weeks before the Year of the Dragon begins:

  1. Beautify Your Entry: The front door of your home is the entry point for Chi and the primary source of Chi in your home. When your front door is difficult to see or in disrepair, it is not as welcoming to the chi. If the walk to your front door is littered with garbage or dying plants or even holiday decorations that no longer seem to light up the space, it also diminishes the chi entering the home. Take some time to look at your entry and find ways to make it beautiful -- repaint the front door, remove trash, take down old decorations, add fresh plants, a new welcome mat or even a welcome sign.
  2. Clear Clutter: This is a big one. Clutter becomes a significant obstacle to moving forward with ease, defining our goals and creating a path toward our own success. Start in your bedroom, but you can start small, like a drawer or dresser. Then move on to other areas of your room, then your closet. You may be able to get it all done in a day or a weekend, but if it's too big a job, set aside 10 to 15 minutes a day just for clearing out that clutter. 
  3. Journal: Each day, write what you're feeling, what's happening or anything you want to get off your chest. Allow yourself to process your day. If you find one day you have nothing to say, just write "I have nothing to say" multiple times until a new idea comes to mind. By journaling you are clearing your mind of things taking up a lot of space in your head. This allows you to free up space for new inspiration. You'll be surprised at the insights. Whether a special notebook with a beautiful cover or a spiral-bound school notebook, makes no difference. And no, you do not need to show it to anyone or even keep it once it's filled. 

I hope you find these helpful, and if you try any of these, know that I will be doing each of these in the next several weeks also. Here's to our success in 2024 as we release what no longer serves and welcome the mighty Dragon!

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