Saturday, January 2, 2016

Remember to look for the beauty

I like to create altars. It helps me stay connected to my own form of Spirit. I also create them on behalf of my clients when I do space clearings. (This is working with the energy of a space to change it -- aligning it with the home owner's goals and aspirations. Think of it as a house blessing.) I've also created altars for healing, meditation and to reinforce my own intentions. This isn't a post about altars though, it's about beauty.

I bring up altars though because one of the ways you can identify the sacred nature of an altar, or know that it is in effect creating the energy you want, is by its beauty. Yes, you need to work from a place of inner calm and honor each step of the process (think of a Japanese tea ceremony), and stay focused on your intention, and select the right objects to be a part of it. But once I'm done, if I look at it and can see the beauty in it, I just know it brings in a sacredness, a connection to Spirit, that will in fact support my clients, myself or my intention.

So beauty to me is an indicator of a higher power at work. And it is all around us, though we often don't stop to recognize it. We forget to look for it --  caught up in the tasks of the day, the worries that can be all-consuming or the days ahead of us or behind us. But it only takes a moment for something to take our breath away. And we never regret it.

If you're struggling with finding the beauty. I'd suggest starting with nature -- the trees, the plants, the snow, the starry night, a sunrise (shown in my picture here), a sunset, it's all around us. Make a point of noticing it every day. Pay attention to how you feel when you do notice it. You'll want to create this feeling again and again, trust me. 

If you forget, that's ok. The nice thing about beauty is that it comes in many forms, through many experiences, and we all define it a little bit differently. So it doesn't go away. You can always find it again. It just takes a moment to recognize it. 

Take a moment. 

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